Sushi Rice Preparation

high quality photo of sushi meal (hossomaki salmon) and chopsticks
Measure the acidity (pH) of your Sushi Rice within 30 minutes of acidification (mixing the cooked rice and vinegar solution).
  1. Make a rice slurry by gathering a ¼ cup sample of the cooked, acidified rice taken from various locations in the batch and add ¾ cup of distilled water in a clear plastic or metal blend cup.
  2. Blend the slurry (mixture) for approximately 20 seconds to create a thorough mix.
  3. Take a strip/piece of pH paper and hold between index finger and thumb.
  4. Dip the test strip into the liquid portion of the slurry for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Shake off excess liquid and match color of pad to color chart provided with test strips.
  6. Sushi Rice with an initial pH greater than 4.6 should be re-acidified with more vinegar solution and rechecked to assure a targeted pH of 4.1.
  7. Record the pH measurements in a pH log.

from Micro Essential Laboratory Inc.