How To Properly Use Quaternary Ammonium Products

Sanitary Maintenance

This article is the third part of a three part series from CleanLink discussing how Quat Binding Is A Serious Threat In Foodservice Facilities. The links to all three are here:

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To reduce the threat of quat binding, custodial executives must train staff on the pros and cons of various disinfecting techniques. There are three ways disinfectants can be applied to surfaces.

There are Three Ways to Disinfect:

  • Spray and wipe
  • Dip and wipe
  • Soak and wipe

Quat binding is not visible to the naked eye. This means that no matter what method is used for applying disinfectants, there are no signs one can look for in hopes of avoiding absorption problems.

Therein lies the problem — the person using the disinfectant has no idea when it becomes ineffective, so they go along their merry way in blissful ignorance while people continue to get sick because the solution was ineffective,” says John Scherberger, principal, Healthcare Risk Mitigation, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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